Release, Receive, Return


"Release, Receive, Return" is an Art Interruptions public art project with five sculptures located on the Beacon Hill Greenway in Seattle.

This project offers a peaceful journey starting at S. Hanford St. and Beacon Hill Ave S. You walk along a marked path on 18th Ave. S. towards S. College St., then turn back. During your walk, you'll see markers with calming phrases. Use these phrases to make your journey personal, and then come back to where you began.

Art Interruptions offers ephemeral moments of surprise and reflection in the Beacon Hill Neighborhood and is funded by the Seattle Department of Transportation's 1% for Art Funds, administered by the Office of Arts & Culture, City of Seattle, Bruce Harrell, Mayor.

West side view of a zero milestone
East side view of a zero milestone
Marker 1 Marker 2
Marker 3 Marker 4


Receive, Release, Return locations:

  1. The zero milestone is on the Southwest corner of S. Hanford St. & Beacon Hill Ave. S.
  2. Marker 1 - at the Southeast corner of S. Hanford St & Beacon Hill Ave. S. (across the street, east of the pillar).
  3. Marker 2 - at the Northwest corner of 18th Ave. S. & S. Hanford St.
  4. Marker 3 - at the Northwest corner of 18th Ave. S. & S. Lander St.
  5. Marker 4 - at the Northwest corner of 18th Ave. S. & S. College St.

Getting started:

Begin at the zero milestone, located at the Southwest corner of S. Hanford St. and Beacon Ave. S. From the zero milestone, cross S. Hanford St. going north, then cross Beacon Hill Ave. S. going east. There you will find Marker 1, which directs you "this way" to the next marker at 18th Ave. S. and S. Hanford St.

Follow the mile markers, remembering to keep each phrase in mind on your journey. Each mile marker is attached to a Healthy Street sign pole. The markers are on the west side of the street, except for Marker 1. When you arrive at 18th Ave. S. and S. College St., you're invited to "change direction" to return to the where you began.


Zero milestone [1]

Zero milestone and mile markers


A zero milestone as a central location from which the meditative journey emanates.

In many countries, the zero milestone (or kilometer zero) denotes a particular location (usually in the nation's capital city) from which distances are traditionally measured.

Heart with wings [2]

Heart with wings

Lightness of the heart

Mile markers along the way resemble a winged heart, but hands replace the wings and point you in the right direction.

The heart shape and the symbol of the heart with wings is immediately recognizable, as is the lightness of the heart and the concept of love as healing properties.

Finger with string tied [3]

String around finger


The hands wear jewelry that serve as reminders.

The old practice of tying a string around your finger or wrist as a way to remember something came to mind. It could be a reminder of who you are. The string is recreated in metal form

About the location

The zero milestone is placed prominently on the corner of South Hanford Street and Beacon Avenue South.

People from the community did amazing things to breathe life into this corner during the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic brought people together to share their happiness, problems, and the desire to make positive changes.

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About the artist

Artistic image of the artist, Vulgar Dreamer

VULGAR DREAMER is a multidisciplinary artist based in Seattle, WA. She works in fine art and public art, and is known for combining ancient symbols, ancient materials, and traditional metalsmithing techniques to explore transformation of place and identity. Her heritage is both Asante and African American, and this mix of cultures helps her use art to discover stories connected to specific places.

In a world...

In the heart of the Pacific Northwest, where the evergreen forests meet the shimmering shores of the Puget Sound, resides an artist whose very name, VULGAR DREAMER, conjures curiosity and enigma. In the vibrant tapestry of Seattle, WA, she emerges as a luminary of multidisciplinary art, her work leaving indelible imprints on the city's cultural landscape.

With a touch that defies convention, VULGAR DREAMER is a weaver of narratives, a conjurer of emotions. She navigates the realms of fine art and public art, her canvas stretching beyond mere dimensions, embracing the public sphere as her stage. But what truly sets her apart is her extraordinary alchemy, the fusion of ancient symbols, ancient materials, and the age-old traditions of metalsmithing.

As she molds these elements, she embarks on an extraordinary journey - one that explores the intricate transformation of place and identity. This transformation is deeply rooted in her own heritage, a heritage that is a dual heartbeat, one part Asante, the other African American.

Within the loom of her creativity, VULGAR DREAMER doesn't merely paint, sculpt, or forge; she excavates. Her art becomes a tool, uncovering the buried stories specific to the very sites we inhabit. In the brushstrokes, the chiseling, and the molten metal, she reveals the narratives hidden beneath the veneer of our existence.

VULGAR DREAMER's art is a testament to the timeless connection between ancient symbols and the spirituality that underpins them. It invites us to see beyond the surface, to embrace the profound and the mystic. Through her, we traverse the ages, connecting the threads of our past, present, and future.

As you contemplate the enchanting journey of VULGAR DREAMER, you find yourself beckoned into a realm where art transcends the canvas and emerges as a spiritual experience, a living embodiment of our shared history and the uncharted territories of our souls.

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